To serve as a catalyst for minority- and women-owned business success

Our Framework

We work to increase minority business growth by addressing the well-documented barriers to success — contacts, contracts, and capital.



We recognize the value of diverse business networks and create opportunities for women and minority entrepreneurs to grow their professional networks.


We leverage local and regional partnerships to create increased access to contract opportunities for women and minority entrepreneurs.


We work in conjunction with lenders to increase financial acumen, management skills, and access to capital for business growth.

Our Vision

The vision of Good Work Network is an inclusive and equitable economy of diverse entrepreneurs with access to what they need to succeed.

Founded in 2001


Since 2001, Good Work Network has served the women and minority small business owners of greater New Orleans, helping to start or strengthen more than 2,200 businesses and creating or sustaining more than 5,600 full time jobs.

Members Served

Businesses Started or Strengthened

In Contracts Awarded

Full Time Jobs Created or Sustained