Hermione Malone

Executive Director
Direct (504) 875-4272
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Greg Duffer

Director of Small Business Services
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Brittani Martin

Marketing Manager
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Lesley-Anne Rey

Fund Development Manager
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Main (504) 309-2073 (x 101)

Lawless Turner

Small Business Advisor
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Main (504) 309-2073 (x 108)

Stacie Williams

Women’s Business Center Director
Direct (504) 875-4299
Main (504) 309-2073 (x 177)


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Judith Dangerfield
Gregory Douglas
Melissa Ehlinger
Melissa Gibbs
Eugene Green
Dr. Pamela Jolly
Diana Lewis
Hyma Moore, Jr.
Bill Rouselle
Jim Schoen


Open Positions

Operations Manager

Under the supervision of the Executive Director, the Operations Manager is responsible for managing day-to-day IT, facilities, and administrative operations to support the seamless operation of the organization.

Full Job Description

Organizational Background

Good Work Network (GWN) was founded in 2001 to help minority and women-owned businesses start, grow, and succeed through targeted coaching, technical assistance, and training. Since its inception, GWN has provided business development services to a client base that is 86% minority, 67% female, and 65% low-income. Among our programs and services the Southeast Louisiana Women’s Business Center (SELA WBC) with offices in New Orleans and Baton Rouge that focuses on the unique needs of women entrepreneurs.


Duties & Responsibilities

  • Manage and maintain IT and phone equipment, updates, and repair
  • Maintain and update organization website
  • Set up approved new organization applications
  • Set up authorized personnel and volunteers with email, phone extensions, voice mail and computers as appropriate
  • Manage office and relationships with vendors
  • Supervising all custodial, maintenance, safety and security functions, and overseeing and coordinating all vendor contracts, licenses, and permits related to building operations.
  • Maintain, administer, and train others on effective use of platforms and systems, including but not limited to Quickbooks, Client Tracker, website and Google platform
  • Manage IT and phone equipment, updates, and repair
  • Manage co-working and office tenant relationships, to include support of Tenant Cloud system
  • Provide IT support to the Baton Rouge office via phone and site visits when required
  • Contribute to the improvement, development, and integration of organizational systems and processes as appropriate
  • Produce and contribute to external and internal reporting
  • Across all areas of work, contribute to annual operations calendars and manuals
  • Support annual audit through data gathering
  • Oversee legal compliance and maintain filings to ensure compliance with federal and state requirements
  • Administer employee benefits plans and resolve employee benefit inquiries
  • Prepare onboarding paperwork for new employees
  • Annual health insurance review
  • Collect, store, collate data for all program delivery
  • All duties are subject to be modified or other duties added as needed for Good Work Network by the Executive Director


  • Bachelor’s degree, preferably in a related field, required
  • Minimum of five years’ experience in operations and/or IT with increasing responsibility required
  • Proven ability to coordinate, implement, and evaluate complex internal processes and systems
  • Proven ability to manage multiple projects at once, meet deadlines, and be flexible
  • Self-starter, highly motivated, and self-disciplined
  • Demonstrated excellence in working collaboratively to achieve defined and measurable goals
  • Superior written and verbal communication skills
  • Culturally competent with an ability to work with people of diverse socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds
  • Solutions-oriented thinker
  • Proficiency in business productivity software, database management, and the Google Suite
  • Ability to work autonomously and exercise sound judgement, determine priorities, complete assigned projects in a timely manner and work well under tight deadline.
  • Must possess the ability to handle confidential and sensitive information


Lead Strategy

Cultivates Innovation-Creating new and better ways for the organization to be successful.

  • Creates a culture that nurtures and rewards creativity and innovation.
  • Removes organizational barriers to creativity and innovation.
  • Challenges the organization to generate and implement breakthrough ideas and solutions.

Drives Vision & Purpose-Painting a compelling picture of the vision and strategy that motivates others

  • Articulates a compelling vision of the positive impact the organization can make.
  • Ensures clarity around the organization’s vision, mission, and values.
  • Sustains organization-wide energy and optimism toward the future.
  • Conveys commitment to the organization’s purpose and vision despite resistance or hardship.

Plans & Aligns-Planning and prioritizing work to meet commitments aligned with organizational goals.

  • Addresses risks and contingencies as part of the planning process.
  • Conveys clear objectives so the organization can plan and prioritize actions to achieve them.
  • Ensure that plans are aligned and coordinated across the organization.
  • Sets aggressive yet realistic time frames for achieving strategic objectives.
Making Complex Decision Cluster

Manages Complexity-Making sense of complex, high quality, and sometimes contradictory information to effectively solve problems.

  • Approaches problems from a system perspective, defining connections, linkages, and interdependencies.
  • Synthesizes information from many sources to arrive at a broad and deep understanding of complex issues.

Decision Quality-Making good and timely decisions that keep the organization moving forward.

  • Creates an environment that promotes cross-functional analysis and decision making.
  • Requires that organization-level decision be based on data and sound reasoning.
  • Ability to make tough decision and difficult trade-offs on behalf of the organization.

Balances Stakeholders-Anticipating and balancing the needs of multiple stakeholders.

  • Optimize decision across the varied needs of internal and external stakeholders.
  • Serves as a role model for considering culture and ethical factors in balancing the needs of stakeholders.
  • Identifies and anticipates stakeholder requirements, expectations, and needs.

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