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Why We Created The Bridge

We wanted to build a community of like-minded business owners with drive, desire, passion, commitment to do the hard work to grow. Our goal at Good Work Network is to create access to education and individual business planning support to increase revenue, job creation, and contract attainment. The Bridge in an extension of these efforts.

Membership Benefits

As a member of The Bridge you will have access to 


Build your professional networks by connecting with other entrepreneurs.


Get answers to your questions from a dedicated group of highly experienced SCORE mentors.

Consultants/ service providers

Save time searching for consultants and service providers by choosing from our curated list.  

procurement professionals

Showcase your skills and capabilities to all procurement professionals on The Bridge.  

Sub-contracting opportunities

Connect with contractors seeking qualified sub-contractors. Be notified of relevant RFPs. 

Exclusive Online Programming

On-demand, online videos will be added regularly, often with content exclusively available for members.

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